Ion Sources, Ionizers and Ion Guns

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Alkali earths and Alkali metal Ion Sources

  • Cs+, Na+, K+, Rb+, Li6+, Li7+, Ca+, Mg+, Ba+, Be+, Sr+
  • Beta Eucryptite and Spodumene
  • Integral heater
  • Ø.250" and Ø.600" stock sizes
  • Mixed Ion types available in any mix ratio
  • Shield packs available

Ionizers, Ionizer Heaters and Reservoirs

  • 1200°C Ionizers
  • Ionizer Heaters
  • Porous Frits
  • Reservoir Heaters
  • Specialty custom ionizers

Ion Guns and Power Supplies

  • Ion Gun Packages
  • 1-150kV
  • Nanoamps to Kiloamps
  • Beam Optic Modeling Available
  • Grids and Focusing Elements


  • Grids
  • Hook Up Leads
  • Flanges
  • Pyrometers
  • Insulators, Fish Spine Beads
  • Shims,Couplings
  • Mo, W, Ta and SST Hardware