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Ion Guns and Power Supplies

Model HWIG-250 Ion Gun and Power Supply

HWIG-250 Ion Gun

HWIGPS-4 (Floating) Power Supply

HWIG-250F Ion Gun Shown With Exit Aperture

HWIG-250F, above left, and HWIG-250, above right

HWIG-250F Ion Gun Shown Without Exit Aperture/ Shield
Complete specifications

Model HWIG-1399 High Performance Nonsequitur Ion Gun/Power Supply

Power Supply

The HeatWave Labs Model HWIG-1399 Ion Gun is ideal for use in surface chemistry experiments such as sample preparation and depth profiling with Auger and ESCA. 5keV energy @ 20µA.

15keV unit also available.

  • Beam energy: 50V to 5000V, continuously variable
  • Beam current: 20uAmp maximum (Argon) at 5kV beam energy.
    Less than 1nA minimum
  • Spot size: 0.4mm at 20uAmp, 5kV, 25mm working distance.
    50umeter at 1uAmp, 5kV, 25mm working distance
  • Working distance: 5mm to 25cm
  • Raster area: 1cm sq.
  • Electrical requirements: 115/220V 50/60Hz autoselect,
    (125 watts max power from wall)
  • Mounting flange: 2-3/4" (70mm) Conflat
  • Gas inlet: 1-1/3" (34mm) Conflat
  • Differential pumping port: 2-3/4" (70mm) Conflat

HWIG-1399 Ion Gun

Complete specifications

Model HWIG-1407 Ion Gun

  • Duoplasmatron level performance from an electron impact source
  • Adjustable spot size = 15µm for spatially defined sputtering
  • Emission regulated bombardment provides stable ion current with front panel adjustable dynamic range x300
  • Continuously variable beam energy up to 5keV
  • Dual octupole for beam scanning and astigmatism correction
  • Pre-objective lens deflection for reduced spot size
  • Integral beam current monitoring capability
  • No direct filament to sample line of sight to avoid unwanted sample contamination
  • Replaceable beam trimming aperture with typical lifetime of >500 hours
  • Dual filaments provide operational backup with typical filament life-time >500 hours
  • Internal source pressure sensor permits monitoring of ion source pressure
  • All UHV compatible and etch resistant materials used in fabrication
  • Differential pumping to minimize main chamber gas loading
  • Operates over the range of inert gas species
  • See TB-213 for data sheet
Guaranteed Performance, 5.0 keV Ar Ions:
Spot Size (µm)
Beam Current
Current Density (mA/cm 2 )
Large Spot
20 µA
Medium Spot
5 µA
Small Spot
500 nA
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