Cathodes and Electron Guns

The sub-categories below are all related to cathodes and electron guns. Select any category for complete product specifications.

Dispenser Cathodes

  • Baruim impregnated tungsten
  • STD Series planar dispenser cathodes
  • 950-1200°C operating temperature
  • 80,000 + Hours demonstrated
  • 3-5 A/cm2 CW emission
  • Available from stock
  • Emission enhancing coatings and impregnants available.
  • Custom engineered emitters

Electron Gun Assemblies

  • High voltage
  • Micro amps to kiloamps
  • Beam optic modeling available
  • Grids and focusing elements
  • CF or weld flanges

Hollow Cathode Plasma Sources

  • Ion Beam Neutralization
  • Surface Charge Control
  • Electron Filament Replacement
  • Electron Enhancement of Magnetron and Diode Discharges
  • Arc Discharge Generators

Standard Electron Grids

  • Etched and Woven Mesh Grids
  • Formed Shapes
  • Non Emissive Materials and Coating
  • Stock Materials


  • Grids
  • Hook up components
  • Wire
  • Pyrometers
  • Insulators, Fish Spine beads
  • Shims, couplings
  • Mo, W, Ta and SST hardware

Wound Filaments

  • Pancake Filaments
  • Tungsten, Molybdenum, Th/W, Re/W, Ce/W, La/W, Ta, Ir, etc.
  • Bifilar, single coil, coaxial, toroid, pancake, coiled-coil
  • Catephoretic coated or metal coated
  • Annealed for stable operation