Specialty Materials and Processes

The sub-categories below represent HeatWave Labs' broad offering of specialized materials. Contact HeatWave Labs for detailed information or a quotation.
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Stock Materials
Thermoshield Bar, sheet, foil, tubing, ribbon, wire

Refractory Metal Based
Composite Materials

  • W/Cu, Mo/Cu
  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Controlled Expansion Materials
  • Structural Components

Refractory Metal and Ceramic
Foam Materials

  • Tungsten, Mo, Re, Al2O3, Be0, BN
  • 15-100% Density
  • User Specified Pore Size and Distribution
  • Boron Nitride

Heavy Tungsten Alloys

  • W/Ni/Fe
  • W/Ni/Cu
  • Custom Alloys
  • Up to Ø12"

Wrought Tungsten and Molybdenum Replacement Parts

  • High Purity W&Mo
  • Precision Machining
  • Clean Packed

Special Processing

  • >2350°C Wet or Dry H2
  • Vacuum Processing
  • Brazing, Sintering, Greening, Cleaning
  • Isopressing
  • Laser, TIG, Spot welding
  • Machining, Grinding, EDM
  • Filament winding and coating
  • Chemical etching
  • Plasma spray coating

Reference Documents

TB-117 Emission Characteristics of "M Type" Dispenser Cathodes

TB-119 Emission Characteristics For Scandium Type Dispenser Cathodes

2002 Cathode Life Test Facility Annual Report, TriService/NASA

Using multispectral imaging to measure temperature profiles and emissivity of large thermionic dispenser cathodes/Los Alamos Labs

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"Electron Beam Formation, Focussing and Collection in Microwave Tubes," Handbook of Microwave Technology, R. True - available by request

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TB-160 thru 164 Processing and Specifying Oxide Cathode Coatings

Optical Pyrometers

TB-183 Electron Optics Simulation - available by request

TB-172 Standard Electron Grids

TB-201 Electron Gun Opening Procedure - available by request

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