April 2005

Collaboration between HeatWave Labs and Hermosa Electronics has been established. Ron Koontz, owner and principal scientist at Hermosa will provide electron gun design, development and fabrication support to HeatWave Labs and will also facilitate transfer of existing Hermosa products and technology to HeatWave Labs. Ron has spent the last 42 years as a senior scientist and group manager in the Accelerator Physics, Klystron and Microwave departments at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). In addition, he started Hermosa Electronics 26 years ago to design, construct and deliver various injector components and complete systems including electron guns, fast pulser systems, high voltage decks, beam line components and general beam dynamics consulting help. His expertise and product line will complement and expand the existing cathode and electron gun design and fabrication capability at HeatWave Labs.

June 2004

Leslie Perryman has joined the HeatWave Labs team for the summer. She will be starting her third year as a student in the mechanical engineering department at CSU Fresno.  Leslie contributes to the HeatWave Labs family as an engineering intern and an office assistant.

March 2004

HeatWave Labs would like to welcome Ben Cook to it's staff.  Ben brings with him twenty-five years of gas and solid state laser engineering knowledge and engineering design experience.  Ben works as HeatWave Lab's special projects and design engineer.

April 2001

As of April 10, 2001, the new facility address for HeatWave Labs will be 195 Aviation Way, Suite 100, Watsonville, CA 95076-2069.  The new facility was established to support the manufacturing of newly acquired Advanced Vacuum Technology (AVT) Ion pumps.  Facilities include machine shop, assembly, chem room, clean room, bake out, leak testing, electrical testing and warehouse.

January 2001

Brian Gonzales has joined the production staff of HeatWave Labs.  His high energy and excellent technical understanding will help HeatWave Labs meet the new demands of manufacturing Ion Pumps, cathodes, electron guns, ion sources, UHV substrate heaters and related products.  Welcome Bubba!

December 19, 2000

David Sailer has joined the management staff at HeatWave Labs.  David came to us from Spectra-Mat, Inc. of Watsonville, California, where he worked for the last 26 years.  His experience in cathode manufacturing, production management and customer relations will be most welcome at HeatWave Labs with the recent acquisition of Advanced Vacuum technology.

December 19, 2000

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Advanced Vacuum Technology, AVT, out of Mountain View, California.  Founded by Phillip Kirkeby over 20 years ago, AVT engineers, designs and manufactures ion pumps, controllers, cables and related accessories.  Products include new and rebuilt Varian and Perkin Elmer (PHI) style pumps as well as an improved, high performance, low cost line of “slimline” pumps.  In addition to the complete product line of AVT, HeatWave Labs also is taking the complete factory and inventory.  HeatWave Labs will work in Mountain View for the next several months until a move of the AVT facility to Watsonville, CA is completed.  Phillip Kirkeby, widely known for his high quality engineered pumps, will continue to be involved in engineering and production support.

January 30, 2000

HeatWave Labs is pleased to announce the availability of their new, completely revised catalog of Cathode, Ion and Heater products. The 50-page booklet includes standard products available from stock as well as numerous examples of customized products. Color photos support extensive performance and application data. Many items are included that have not been available before. Contact HeatWave Labs for immediate mailing.

August 19, 1999

To provide accurate, non-contact, measurement of the temperature of HeatWave Lab’s thermionic and heater products, the model HW-1475 "Micro-Therm" pyrometer has been added to our product list. The "disappearing filament" type pyrometer can measure brightness temperatures up to 4500°C with excellent accuracy and repeatability.

January 4, 1999

HeatWave Labs is pleased to announce the addition of Senior Engineer, Marc Curtis. Marc, previously of Spectra-Mat in Watsonville for 23 years and most recently from Semicon Precision Industries in Dallas, Texas, brings extensive experience in engineering, design and fabrication of the specialty materials and refractory products offered by HeatWave Labs. Marc will provide engineering support to the Standard Cathode, Ion and Heater product lines and will oversee the material applications areas of the company. Please welcome Marc.

August 19, 1997

To complement our extensive line of High Temperature Substrate Heaters and other thermal products, HeatWave Labs has added Programmable Temperature Controller/Power Supplies to our product line. Available either as low cost, programmable, single channel, thermocouple controlled units or full featured, RS232 interface, over temperature protected, multi-channel units, they provide excellent programmable control of any of our standard heating products.